So true!

January 12, 2021

I saw this meme on Facebook today and thought how true. A real Christian woman tells the married man to go home to his wife and kids. The fake and hypocritical Christian pays for the man to get divorced from his wife and then tries to play momma to another woman’s children. God and Karma. I believe in both.

Thumb Sucking to Teeth Grinding.

October 9, 2020

During my previous “week” with the children, my youngest informed me that Sarah peeks in the windows and watches when she sleeps to see if she is sucking her thumb. I had to reassure her that Sarah can not sneek around mommy’s home and that Princess A should rest and relax.

This week home with me, she told my mother and my best friend (when they came to visit) the same thing, Sarah watches when Princess A sleeps to see if she is sucking her thumb. She claimed Sarah sneaks around the windows to see if she is sucking her thumb at mommy’s home.

This is disturbing in itself because some how my youngest child is worried about when she sleeps whether someone is sneaking around peeking in a window just to see if she is sucking her thumb tells me there is some emotional and phycological fears around the thumb sucking while sleeping. Let’s not even get started on how this is mental abuse of a child to make a child think such fears.

I tried to reassure her that at mommy’s house she is safe and no one will ever sneak around mommy’s house. It’s not working.

Now she is grinding her teeth when she sleeps.

She is terrified to sleep alone and must sleep with me in my room. During the night she reaches out to put a hand or a foot on me to reassure herself I am still there.

Now you might ask how do I know she is grinding her teeth and reaching for me. Well I am a super light sleeper and really prefer sleeping alone due to the fact that every little movement wakes me. My now five year old child is scared to sleep alone. Every time she moves to touch me, it wakes me. I have woken several times this week to hear a weird sound that I had trouble figuring out what it was. Only to finally realize, it’s my child grinding her teeth.

So I looked up the research and medical information on teeth grinding. It can be caused by missing teeth or misaligned teeth. However it can also be caused by stress and anxiety.

It is bad on the teeth in that it wears them down, but it also causes headaches which this week Princess A has complained about her head hurting.

I am angry because I feel helpless. The arrogant ex-husband is allowing his homewrecker to scare our child. His attitude is that I have no say in what happens at HIS house. I am starting to think maybe our child should not be at his house if he is going to participate in causing Princess A emotional and phycological stress and anxiety over THUMBSUCKING!

I would have preferred the thumb-sucking over the grinding teeth issue which can cause long term and lasting damage to her teeth just as much if not more than the thumb-sucking. This leads to long term damage in the jaw bone which can lead to adult TMJ.

Just like with the potty training, she would have eventually been ready to stop sucking her thumb, but obviously it is not the time to force the issue.

Homewrecker needs to stay in her lane.

September 5, 2020

So tonight the girls are back with me. Frankly I despise the 50/50 thing; I don’t feel it is always in the best interest of the children.

Tonight, my youngest whimpered and cried at bed time. When I asked her what is wrong, she said, she wanted to suck her thumb. I asked her why she felt she could not. She said because SARAH said something about her needing to stop sucking her thumb and said something about her teeth. Sarah made her feel bad.

Um excuse me?

When did Sarah become mom? Sarah is the homewrecker. The destroyer of a family for her own selfishness. I don’t hold my ex-husband blameless in the family falling apart. In fact he is completely just as selfish and guilty. He lied to me. He lied to Sarah. He made promises that he broke. However, the point here is not about the past but the future. The children that are MY children and HIS children. Sarah needs to know her place.

She is not mom. WE have been through this before. Two years ago when THEY decided to potty train the baby. It was not their right to decide behind my back that it was time to potty train. That was a discussion he should have had with me. That was a decision he should have made with me–not behind my back with Sarah.

Pre-homewrecker, I potty trained the oldest by myself after discussions with him. He wanted no part of it. In fact, his attitude was that if the child was a boy it would have been on him to potty train, but because our child was a girl it did not feel “right” for him to be the one potty training her. He left me to do all the work on potty training our oldest child. I found a way to potty her that was loving and not shameful nor traumatic and maintained proper modesty.

Then post-homewrecker, while I was forced to go out of town for a work training, he and homewrecker decided to use a method of potty training where the child ran around the house completely naked during the week while I was gone. He decided without talking to me that our child would not attend the daycare during that week, so that he and Sarah could potty train our youngest at home. Um that was a bit of a fight between him and I then. I was pissed and rightfully so. I never let our oldest run around completely naked during potty training. I put her in dresses to make it easier to potty train but she was covered to maintain modesty. More importantly, he did not have the right to make a major decision like that regarding our child without discussion between him and I–but he likes to be sneaky and do shit behind my back.

He can claim, “it’s his home” all he likes but these children are MY children with him. Not his children with her. Thus legally all major decisions made regarding our children should be made during a discussion with him and I, where she gets NO input or say in the matter. If he and I can’t agree, then we are required to get a mediator and/or take the matter before a judge.

Therefore, it is not Sarah’s place to decide to say anything to a child that is MY child and HIS child, but not her child, regarding something like thumb sucking, potty training, etc. Before deciding to try to break a thumb sucking habit, he should have discussed it with me, and we should have decided a plan of parenting around that issue together–him and I. Consistency is important with children.

One set of rules at one home and a different set of rules at the other house harms the children mentally and emotionally. Only he doesn’t want me having a say because I am not allowed to have any control over MY children when they are at his home–that’s his attitude. Um that is not in the best interest of the children and NOT even the way this co-parenting shit works–legally.

I am sure he does not remember how I broke our oldest child’s finger sucking, but it never included shaming her. It was done quietly in a manner that never made our oldest child feel bad for sucking her fingers. In fact, recently I reminded someone in my family of this very fact not too long ago when that person dared to say some thing to Baby A recently about her thumb sucking. I reminded someone in my family recently of how J sucked her fingers and I had a very effective and painless way to deal with the finger/thumb sucking when I–the parent–was ready to deal with it.

My baby child whimpered and cried tonight because Sarah said something to shame her about her sucking her thumb. Not Sarah’s right. Not Sarah’s place. She needs to get in her lane and stay in her lane. She likes controlling and taking over MY home, My family, My lane way too much.

NOT Sarah’s place to make decisions regarding MY children. Not Sarah’s place to discuss things with him regarding our children or how the children are raised without ME–the mother–being a part of the discussion and plan. It dang sure is not her place to shame my child for any reason.

I got fixed because HE didn’t want more children. He also did not want to risk “some doctor cutting him down there and making ‘it’ not work anymore” so I had to be the one to get cut up to prevent further pregnancy. Now, despite the fact I would have loved more children, I can’t have more. She is young and intact. He can get her pregnant and give her children of her own that him and her can raise together and make all the decisions they want together. However my children are not her children for her to make those decisions.

She has done enough damage to my children by destroying the children’s family and forcing the children to bounce back and forth between “mommy’s house” and “daddy’s house”.


Update: He called to discuss the issue, and rather than argue with him, I accepted his lies. He lies so very much. He thinks I am stupid and don’t realize when he lies. ugg. He claims Sarah never told our child that she could not suck her thumb. Our child just magically out of the blue started asking if she could suck her thumb, so they are gently encouraging her not to suck her thumb. He lied to his mom all the time when we were together, and I watched and learned. I know when he lies. ugg. How did I ever fall for his bull shit.

One Big Happy Family

July 22, 2020

My youngest daughter was 22 months old when her father decided he wanted a divorce so he could be with his 21 year old Homewrecker that he met at work. Three years later, our child tells me that she wants mommy, daddy, and Sarah all to live together in one home.

In the beginning, right after the divorce, our youngest would cry when daddy would pick her up to take the kids to his house for his parenting time. Daddy didn’t want her when she was born and never bonded with her during that first two years.

It wasn’t until he decided to have an affair and get a divorce, that he suddenly decided to fight for 50/50 time with our children—after his attorney informed him that child support in Florida is based on a formula of over-night count plus parent paycheck. His attorney informed him no judge would give him 50/50 over-night time if he was working nights, so Louis immediately changed his schedule to days when he had refused to work day shift previously. He wants to pay as little child support as he can possibly pay. When his affair first started, before divorce was even filed, Louis moved out of the family home not because I forced him to move out, but because he chose to move out when I told him that there would be no dating other people while living in the house together. He wanted to be with Sarah Broaddus so badly, he basically abandoned his family and his home. It wasn’t until they (I say “they” on purpose because she paid for it—see previous posts for picture proof) decided to file for divorce that he decided to move back into the family home so he could fight to keep the house despite the fact he promised that I could stay in the house and raise our kids there. It all came down to he didn’t wanna pay child support, he didn’t wanna provide the family he was abandoning a home, and he wanted to be with a home wrecking tramp.

So now fast forward three years, Sarah doesn’t want to be seen as a homewrecker. So they tell our children that Sarah is not the reason mommy and daddy are divorced. They tell our children that Sarah loves mommy. Now my child cries when I have my nightly video chat during daddy’s week to say good night because she wants mommy to hug and cuddle her at night, then she insists mommy, daddy, and Sarah all need to live together. My youngest child informs me that Sarah loves mommy and we should all live in one house as one big family.

I don’t think Sarah‘s precious Catholic religion would go for that considering she is the interloper in the family. Louis and Sarah can lie all they want but the truth is that he had no intentions of getting a divorce until Sarah came along. He likes to claim he’s just such “a good actor” whenever I ask how is it that I never saw it coming because I thought our marriage was based on true love, and his affair came completely out of left field. I believed our marriage was stable. Her friend once informed me about how Sarah told Louis she wouldn’t date a married man and that he had to get a divorce. Only Sarah doesn’t seem to understand that a good Christian doesn’t say, “you have to get a divorce”. No, a good Christian woman tells a man, “I don’t date married men, go home to your wife and children.”

So when our child says she wants all of us to live together, I don’t think Sarah would be too happy with that particular scenario. Sarah is the one who doesn’t really belong.

DayCare Lies

May 25, 2020

They like to pretend I am crazy because I won’t tolerate her playing mom with my kids during his time and acting like she is the mom with my kids’ school teachers. NO. He is daddy. I am mommy. Teachers can talk to me or him but under no circumstances is SHE allowed to make any decisions regarding my children.

He lies constantly. He (or more likely she as he hates doing paperwork) put in an application at a daycare that THEY want our youngest to attend because they don’t like the daycare he and I picked out BEFORE the divorce. TOO BAD. I found out the application had her name and his name on the application to the new daycare. I had called to ask a few questions and the daycare director told me my name was not on the application. When confronted he, of course, lied and said they put all three names on the application.

From the beginning, she has gone out of her way to push herself on my kids. From the beginning he has pushed her on the kids.

She doesn’t face me because she knows she was wrong to get involved with him while he was married. She wants to sweep it under the rug and pretend it never happened. She wants to paint a fairy-tale for herself and pretend he was not actively married with two young children. She wants to play mommy to my kids and act like I just disappeared from the family so she could step in with my kids and husband.

She is a homewrecker, and she will always be a homewrecker.

The Exit Affair

May 25, 2020

This writer nailed it. I have to share it. I have heard too many times that he didn’t leave me for her. He just wasn’t happy with me anymore. I have heard too many times how she didn’t break up our marriage.

Yeah she did. He flirted. She told him to get a divorce. He did. She paid for said divorce.

He was practically forced to cheat on me because our relationship was so awful.


He does not want to accept the blame or feel like he did wrong. Heck just yesterday he said, “Just get over it.” NO. I don’t have to get over it on YOUR timeline. NO, you have not once made amends but continue to do stupid shit to make it worst not better.

Are We Still Having Spaghetti For Dinner?

We’re all familiar with this term, right? It’s what they call it when your spouse leaves you for someone else. I guess it differs from the “just want to fuck ‘em” affair somehow.

I’ve never liked the term but I couldn’t put my finger on why until recently.

…minimize the cheating and wrong doing, instead focus on the shortcomings of the relationship.

As in: Yeah, I cheated. But I haven’t been happy for a long time/we haven’t been happy for a long time/we’re not right together/our relationship would have ended anyway/we’ll be much happier apart/it’s for the best, etc. etc.

I think this is another form of manipulation. You’re not allowed to react, get angry or upset about them cheating on you, because instead they’ve switched the focus to ending the relationship as if the affair never happened- they’ve sidestepped and minimized the affair and gaslighted you into thinking your…

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The Catholic Church..

May 25, 2020

So evidently the Catholic church thinks it is allowed to nullify a marriage that was not done in the Catholic Church between two non-Catholics. Furthermore, it gets to do it for a non-Catholic who is a self admitted non-believer. Finally, the Catholic Church does it for the benefit of one of their members who wants to marry the self-admitted Non-believer despite the fact that, YES, the marriage did happen. Yes, the Catholic girl did cause the marriage to fall apart. The Catholic girl paid for the divorce just so she would be able to claim her man is free and not married.

So basically who gave the Catholic church this power to declare my marriage which produced TWO children is invalid? By what power do they have the power to declare the marriage null? God’s power. Because Marriage is sacred. Um yeah it is so why did a Catholic girl get to destroy my marriage?

Yes, I have been marred twice. The first marriage was a year long and produced no children. In fact, I miscarried during that marriage. I was not “blessed by God” with children during that marriage.

My second marriage was blessed with not one but two children–despite the fact that on the second child I was actively preventing conception–we were blessed with a second child that I honestly am surprised I carried to full term. The first child was a miracle, let alone the second child carrying to full term because of my previous 5 miscarriages. With our oldest we did not tell our family I was pregnant until 17 weeks because we did not think I would carry full term, as I had several miscarriages before our first child carried full-term. I have always said that GOD blessed me with my first child because I prayed for her and wanted her so very badly. My second child I dedicated to GOD because he made her perfect, not me.

Then the second pregnancy (after 6 miscarriages) and birth was a MIRACLE! I said that to people. GOD blessed me with my baby girl unexpectedly because I was not actively trying to get pregnant, but instead was actively trying to prevent because Louis didn’t want more children (even though he refused to get fixed).  When I carried full term with the second pregnancy without expecting to even be pregnant–I prayed. I prayed GOD please let this child be healthy because the father, Louis, did not want to have her. In FACT, the father, Louis, wanted me to have an abortion and terminate the pregnancy. I refused the option of abortion unless the child was not healthy.

PROOF that my marriage and pregnancy was GOD ORDAINED is that when I prayed, GOD answered that prayer by having the amniocentesis numbers come back according to the doctors as “the most perfect numbers ever seen” thus showing my pregnancy was indeed ordained by GOD and that this pregnancy was meant for by GOD. I even promised GOD I would raise her in his name and praise him if he allowed this pregnancy to be a healthy pregnancy. Hence, despite the fact that my ex-husband does not believe and did not want me taking our girls to church, I started attending Hillcrest Church for the simple fact that I promised GOD that my youngest was his miracle. Thus, YES, my marriage was ordained by GOD despite what the Catholic church and the the little tramp-homewrecker wants to claim.

So by what right does the Catholic church think it is okay to nullify the second marriage when neither marriage occurred in the Catholic Church. Both marriages were legal by the state in which they occurred. Both marriages were dissolved by divorce in the state in which the marriage occurred. No wonder people have begun to hate the Catholic religion–they are full of themselves and think it is okay to declare anything they want to the benefit of the Church and the Church’s members, never-mind the reality or the truth.

A truth! I was married LEGALLY to Louis J Crochet. We have two children. Sarah Nicole Broaddus destroyed that marriage, and now we are divorced.  It was a divorce caused by her. Not null. Not void. Very real marriage. I got the paperwork to prove it. Both the legal marriage certificate and the divorce paperwork. AND I have two beautiful children to prove GOD wanted us married and the homewrecker destroyed GOD’s will. This has nothing to do with the Catholic Church which is evidently becoming a corrupt false religion. GOD’s will was done in my life; not her church.

She wants to be married in the Church to a man who just today admitted he doesn’t believe in God. He admitted he is still, today a non-believer. I believe in GOD; he does not.



April 25, 2020

How does one recognize trauma? It was that feeling when online shopping where a website greeted me with, “O Hey, Gorgeous!” when I felt that heart stopping moment of fear. That moment when I felt that moment it took a few more moments for me to realize he is not watching my online movements–despite the fact that he is a self-proclaimed computer genius and code writer. It was just a word for the website to greet customers. Not him using the nick-name he had for me for over 14.5 years. “Gorgeous”  A word. A simple word that was meant to make the online shopper feel beautiful but which caused me extreme emotional stress for just a few moments until logic re-asserted itself.

I have been slowly coming to realize that my ex was a controlling and manipulative person with shit tons of charisma so his controlling never became physically violent because he is that person who could talk his followers into drinking the kool-aid. In fact, he, himself, admits he has that type of charisma.

Unfortunately for me, I fell for that narcissistic jerk who only really truly cares for himself.

I look back on the relationship now and wonder, how did I stay in a relationship that was so one sided? Why did I stay when he used me for so long?  He used me and my family (along with his family) for financial support. He used me to do all the responsible stuff like filing paperwork and filling out forms–which then he would sign as if he did the paperwork. He used me to keep the house clean and always made excuses that he just was not “detailed orientated”. He made me feel useful and needed because I felt without me, he would not get his “grand” things done which he was always working on something “grand” even if it never panned out.

When we had his oldest daughter visit, he used me to provide her the care while he got to play and have fun.  What money her mother received came from either his mother or because I saved and sent money. I would even write out checks for him with the amount we could spare and take the check book to him just to have him put his final signature on it so it looked like he was being responsible, not that he was letting me do all the work.

Of course he never formally paid child support because he was never legally declared the father. I tried to help him get the legal paperwork done by saving up money that then got given to his mother and only a portion of that actually went to a legal consult, which never amounted to anything. I mean why would he want to legal claim a child when he can still see her without the legal paperwork? Her mother allowed her to see him from 5 years of age until 10 years of age when the daughter herself decided she no longer wanted to see her father–all that time without him having to pay child support.

So back to that moment when I saw the words, “O Hey, Gorgeous!” I have slowly been realizing I was used by my ex to provide while he systematically built his own ego up and slowly devalued me and my worth not overtly but with sly innuendo. After all I had to take care of him in order to be worthy of him and his attention. He has moved on to someone else now and has her paying the bills and has her doing the housework. He has her taking care of the details now with providing care for our children while he is still Mr. Fun and games.

I know now that I am worth so much more. I deserved so much better. I deserve a partner not a leech.

Modern Law Protects the Wrong doers

July 23, 2019

Recently, a friend’s husband who has been very sick, shoooed a large (pit bull type) dog from their property. As the husband, turned to go back into the home, the dog growled and rushed at the husband. The husband then pulled his firearm (licensed to carry) and shot, not the dog but in front of the dog, to scare it away. It worked and the dog went home with a few rock fragments in its face. The owner of the dog had a fit when a neighbor told the owner what had happened. The police were called. The friend’s husband was arrested. When he was arrested the police even agreed it was messed up that animals have more rights now than humans because if a human had threatened the man’s home and property the man would have been justified in shooting under the stand your ground law. Thankfully the entire event was caught on video as the friend and her husband have video monitoring around their home. They were able to eventually prove what happened using the video and get the charges dropped but only after the stress of bailing out dad who had been arrested in front of his 11 year old daughter, going to arraignment, filing for a court appointed attorney and praying they could get one because while they own their own business it is not a huge money maker thus they pay their bills but don’t have the down payment a lawyer wants for the upfront legal fees. Thus for weeks this family was under stress over not only dad’s illness but over legal issues and money issues.

Why is this aggressive dog allowed to run free in a neighborhood? The owner should have been more afraid of the citation for allowing his dog to terrorize the neighborhood than worried about his dog being shoooed away from a property with force.

So this started me thinking that in today’s society, our system has begun to protect the criminals and the wrong doers rather than the innocent.

Look at the divorces now. “No fault” states insist there is no fault even if a spouse is cheating on his/her partner. This is not fair to the spouse being cheated.

50/50 custody even if one of the parents had neglected his/her relationship during the marriage with the kids means that the neglectful parent can suddenly “attempt” to have a relationship with kids who don’t really want that parent in their life just so the neglectful parent can get out of child support.

Louis never wanted to fight for his Rose (his oldest daughter from his first girlfriend) despite the fact that I saved money up to try to get a lawyer. Gave that money to his mother who spent $100 on a legal consult but never followed up with the rest of the money I gave her but instead used it for pay for a trip to see and pick up Rose for a summer vacation. He wasn’t paying child support but was getting to see her occasionally until she turned 10 then SHE rejected him because she didn’t want to travel so far for a man who never called her or paid her mom child support when she had a new daddy supporting her mom.

He didn’t want Princess A and even asked his parents to loan him money on the pretense we needed it to pay an electric bill (yes we had an electric bill that was partially paid but he told them twice the total so he could get more than we needed) because he wanted me to terminate the pregnancy. He now likes to claim that he told me it was “my choice” but he definitely put pressure on me to terminate while saying it was ultimately my choice. He said he didn’t need any more kids. He mentioned he had Rose (despite the fact that he never sees her anymore). He mentioned we had Princess J already, so we didn’t really need another child. He didn’t want another child but well it’s my body so it’s my choice. He even looked up costs and clinics in the local area for the termination of the pregnancy.

He pushed Princess A away from birth until 22 months. When I was stressed with trying to breast feed, he pushed me to continue in a way that he never pushed me to continue with Princess J. With Princess J he was fine with her switching to formula before she turned a year but Princess A he reminded me that it was “better for her than formula”. At the time he made me feel it was mostly because as long as I had to breast feed Princess A then I was the main care taker thus he could get away with not really taking care of her. I had to rush to work at the last minute and rush home from work at the last minute so that he would not have to spend much time providing care. Meanwhile he would leave for work an hour early and come home whenever. I had no free time for me and little time to keep up with my work. He started going on “team building” dinners with his co-workers.

Then suddenly he gets a new girlfriend and wants to play daddy to a child that doesn’t really know him well.

Our oldest, Princess J, I can understand him wanting time with her as he was there at her birth and bonded with her during her early years. Princess J and her dad have a good relationship. Princess A is really not as invested with her dad though.

Princess A tells me all the time that she does not want to go to daddy’s house. She wants to stay at mommy’s house. Unfortunately, I can’t do anything about it because the law doesn’t recognize that he was a crap dad to her before the divorce. The law only cares about giving him a chance to be a dad now so that he doesn’t have to pay child support.

Once upon a time adulterers would have been stoned together both (my ex and his homewrecker) but now we give them lollipops and tell them they don’t even have to help take care of the family they destroyed.

The wronged are not even allowed to speak out against the wrong doers without being accused of bullying or sued for liable these days. It does not matter if someone does something wrong, the innocent are supposed to shut their mouths and not try to warn others that this may happen to you too.



Only cheaters and liars think Marriage is just a piece of paper.

July 15, 2019

work for marriage


Louis use to say that marriage was just a piece of paper. Guess that is because to him marriage is not a commitment like the rest of us think. I have come to realize that his saying this was because he was raised by a mom who married and divorced repeatedly, so to him it was just a piece of paper and for him, even once we were married, he was not committed to the marriage like I was committed.

He even told me that he hated how the guys his mother married then divorced wanted to continue to see him and spend time with him after the divorce. This is in fact what he used as an excuse for not pursuing his relationship with his oldest daughter Rose. Rose was 10 when she started refusing to see him and when she started refusing to call him back when he would call her. He told me then how he did not want to pressure Rose to see him because he use to hate how those exes of his mother would try to still see him as if they were his father. He did not have a father and was never close to any of his mother’s husbands. In fact, he actively over several years complained about her current husband–who I actually think is a decent sort of guy so I defended him to Louis on some of those occasions where Louis would grump about his mother’s current husband trying to act like his “father”. But back to the original thoughts about Louis’ and his ideas regarding marriage (sorry for the side track).

Louis seems to think marriage is just a piece of paper to be discarded when he chooses. Thus for years before we were actually legally married he called me his wife to our family and friends. Then he surprised me and HE said, “Let’s get married.” To which I responded, “Why? Not that I am saying no but you have never felt that marriage was more than a piece of paper, so why now?”  He was like, “because I can’t see myself with anyone but you for the rest of my life.” I was like O WOW really then yes let’s get married. I believed him. He asked me. I questioned it. He answered my question with a good enough answer.

Later, (now) when asked why did you marry me just to dump me so quickly for a younger woman? He says because he wanted to make me happy. Um no I was not asking to get married. I was actively defending the decision to BOTH our families for us not marrying. He asked me. I did not push for it. So it boggles my mind that he now claims our marriage was over long before he met Sarah. Um really? Odd how only he sees it that way.

Everyone, but especially me, was shocked that we were getting divorced and that he dumped me for the very young co-worker. So obviously, it was not over until she came along. He slept in the bed with me up to the very day he asked for a divorce–July 29, 2017 which is the date (he claims) that she put into his phone as their anniversary. (Supposedly he just handed her his phone to put her address and phone into it and she put the anniversary in it also). That thought does make me question did she put it in his phone? Or was it him? I have caught him in so dang many lies since he said he wanted a divorce.

Then once he asked for a divorce, it was over. BANG. No compromise. No talking about it. No getting therapy for our marriage. Nope just he made a decision without consulting me or the kids. At that point, he went to dating his young co-worker and said he was not cheating because he told me he wanted a divorce before he went on that date the next night with her.

Um so he can declare a woman his wife for 10 years, but legally she is not. Then when she is legally his wife he declares the relationship over, so it is over just like that? Yet, by law he was committing adultery by being with someone else while still legally married. O wait, he doesn’t owe alimony because we were not legally married long enough despite the fact that he called me his wife for 10 years before we legally married–umm so the law only applies when it is convenient right? So which is it? We were married all that time he declared me his wife? Or did he commit adultery while still married to me. Can’t have both ways–it’s either one or the other. In his mind, he gets his way by having both apply when he wants it to apply.

This is the mentality of a cheater who does not value marriage. One who values marriage does see the marriage as a commitment between two people. Someone who values marriage as a commitment will want to work on the marriage before throwing in the towel and moving on to a much younger woman. Louis is obviously trying to re-write things in his mind to justify his behavior in leaving me for a younger woman without any warning. He likes to say our marriage was over, but he gave no indication of it. Yet now he justifies the fact that he was telling me he loved me, just days before asking for a divorce, by saying that he is just a really good actor. No your girlfriend just insisted you get a divorce. Then she paid for the lawyer to get the divorce.

So to all the ladies out there whose boyfriends are claiming your his wife, run. If he really believed you were his wife, he would go to the court house and marry you. Don’t take the scraps of some liar when you can find someone who will treat you so much better.

To the homewreckers who think you need a guy like this, thank you for stealing the faithless bum who can’t be trusted, thank you for breaking up the family, thank you for being the reason our children bounce from house to house. May you now get what you deserve, his false promises.