Inconsiderate Daddy

So Louis started this night routine with our daughter Jasmine where he tucks her into bed by “fluffing” her blankets. When he is unable to be home at night to fluff those blankets I would tuck her in and do my best to do what daddy did.

When he left us for his home-wrecking younger co-worker, he wanted to know if he could still stop by to tuck her in at night. I told him that because he gets off at 10:30pm and does not make it home until 10:45pm sometimes 11pm or later, that it would not be a good idea with school starting back up. I need to have her in bed by 8:30pm so that she hopefully goes to sleep by 9:30ish. He was disappointed but said he understood. So I agreed he could stop by on non-school nights if he was here quickly and does not keep us waiting all night. I also agreed that on his nights off he could stop by at bedtime to tuck her into bed.

So last week on Friday, he stopped by a little after 11pm, but she had already fallen asleep. Again on Saturday, he stopped by but she had already fallen asleep by the time he arrived. Sunday and Monday being his days off, I would have expected him to stop by or as he spent most of the day at the house visiting with the two kids, I would have expected him to just stay until bedtime, tuck the girls into bed, then leave to go to his trampy homewrecker.

Instead, Sunday he tells me he needs to leave around 4:30pm and will try to come back to tuck Jasmine into bed. But at bedtime he decides that as the house he is crashing at (his girlfriend’s bestie’s home) is 30 minutes away so it is too far for him to drive back in time to tuck Jasmine into bed. So instead he face-times Jasmine on her iPad.

Then on Monday, he leaves just 2.5 hours before bedtime after spending a large portion of the day with the kids but decides that it is just too far to drive to come back to tuck Jasmine into bed at bedtime. So again he face-times her.

Tonight at her bedtime, he face-times her from work and she specifically requests he come by the house on his way home to tuck her into bed. Only he won’t get off work until 10:30pm and the earliest he would make it to our house is 10:45pm and that is if he does not stop to kissy face his girl-friend co-worker before leaving from work. Frankly, if he wanted to tuck her in so badly why did he not stay on his day off or return from his “date” time with his girlfriend on his day off to tuck our child into bed? Instead I have to now stay up tonight in order to let him in the house so he can go wake up our child from a sleep she needs on a night before school because he can’t carry through on his promises to tuck her into bed occasionally even though he is no longer living here at this house.

Fed up with his bull crap! He made his choice. His choice was not his family. His choice was his precious Sarah who is 15 years younger than him and just 3 years older than his oldest daughter. So why do I have to put up with his messing up our child’s sleep and my sleep time?

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