Ipad Face-Time from the homewrecker

It seems each month something happens to upset me. October’s upset:

Tuesday, October 31 I noticed a face-time call from Louis’ girlfriend (aka homewrecker Sarah) on our 9 year old’s ipad.  According to Louis, by some strange coincidence, Louis’ iphone started sharing his contacts and messages to our 9 year old daughter’s ipad. It had not been sharing his contacts and his messages. According to Louis, it was not his girlfriend contacting our child, but it was his girl friend contacting him on his phone. By some strange reason the system just started showing her calling our daughter’s ipad.

Now if one looks at the picture I snapped first, it shows only Louis’ mother, our daughter’s best friend, daddy, my mother, our daughter’s ipad, then “Song Bird” which I know is Louis’ stupid nickname for his girlfriend (yes, he has nicknamed all his girlfriends each time he is in a relationship–Julia, the mother of his oldest daughter was his “Angel” and I was “Gorgeous” and now Sarah is “Song Bird”) Do notice NO OTHER contacts at this point where I first noticed the face-time call.


Of course I was immediately upset that his homewrecker was contacting our child when she is not supposed to be in contact with our child at all at this point. He signed an agreement that prospective boyfriends and girlfriends had to be approved by the other parent before meeting our children–of course this was AFTER he had already introduced our 9 year old to his girlfriend secretly behind my back and asked our 9 year old to lie to me about meeting the girlfriend.

Then the next day, suddenly all his contacts start showing up on our daughter’s ipad. All his messages and phone calls.

Later that night, I had the child’s ipad in my bedroom as it was after bedtime and I must take it away at night to not only charge it but to keep our 9 year old from secretly trying to play on the ipad when she is supposed to be asleep, and the ipad gets a phone call from the homewrecker. Coincidence? Or Sneaking around trying to facilitate a relationship which is not yet approved? Or just trying to drive me crazy?


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One Response to “Ipad Face-Time from the homewrecker”

  1. Shan Hamic Says:

    Excellent post. I will be experiencing many of these issues as well..

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