The Exit Affair

This writer nailed it. I have to share it. I have heard too many times that he didn’t leave me for her. He just wasn’t happy with me anymore. I have heard too many times how she didn’t break up our marriage.

Yeah she did. He flirted. She told him to get a divorce. He did. She paid for said divorce.

He was practically forced to cheat on me because our relationship was so awful.


He does not want to accept the blame or feel like he did wrong. Heck just yesterday he said, “Just get over it.” NO. I don’t have to get over it on YOUR timeline. NO, you have not once made amends but continue to do stupid shit to make it worst not better.

Are We Still Having Spaghetti For Dinner?

We’re all familiar with this term, right? It’s what they call it when your spouse leaves you for someone else. I guess it differs from the “just want to fuck ‘em” affair somehow.

I’ve never liked the term but I couldn’t put my finger on why until recently.

…minimize the cheating and wrong doing, instead focus on the shortcomings of the relationship.

As in: Yeah, I cheated. But I haven’t been happy for a long time/we haven’t been happy for a long time/we’re not right together/our relationship would have ended anyway/we’ll be much happier apart/it’s for the best, etc. etc.

I think this is another form of manipulation. You’re not allowed to react, get angry or upset about them cheating on you, because instead they’ve switched the focus to ending the relationship as if the affair never happened- they’ve sidestepped and minimized the affair and gaslighted you into thinking your…

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