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Daddy time with kids?

September 7, 2017


My soon to be ex was always a lazy bum who was selfish in his need for “his personal time” while shoving all the work on me. Now that we are divorcing, nothing has changed.

For 6 weeks now I have been the main caretaker of the children. My only breaks being a short 1 hour no more than 2 hours in the morning to rush to the gym (20 minutes away so there and back cuts into that time with travel) so I can work out or when I go teach a class on Tuesday and Thursdays. I decided I needed a “me” day and told the kid’s father that I would like him to show up on the morning of Sept 6 so he could spend the entire day with the baby and pick up our older girl from school (I normally pick her up).

Now this was one of his days off from work, so this should not be an issue. Furthermore, he keeps complaining about his drive from the house he is crashing at is too far (30 minutes) so he wants to be allowed to stay at the family home from time to time. In fact, he does nothing but complain about his drive from Milton to work being too far. His drive from Milton to the family home being too far. His every excuse is about how far he lives away now that he CHOSE to leave our family for his new home wrecking tramp, (you remember Sarah the 21 year old co-worker at Navy Federal Credit Union who he dumped his family for right?). Never mind the fact that for 2-3 years now I have been driving 2-4 days per week to Milton to teach at the PSC Milton campus just to earn enough to pay bills because until he got the job at Navy Federal Credit Union, he was too lazy to work a full time job to help pay bills. I guess it is okay for me to spend over an hour on the road traveling to work for bill money but he can’t.

So I tell him, “Hey, on Wednesday, your day off I want the day to go do some things myself. So come on over and spend the entire day at the house with the kids. Stay and tuck them into bed and even stay the night in the guest bedroom so you don’t have to drive all the way back to Milton then drive back early in the morning to the Family home.” He agrees but does not want to be at the family home for his usual early morning (6:45am) time so that I can go grab a work out. I decide okay I will either skip my morning workout or go work out at one of the later times as the gym at PSC is open gym during 3 times a day (6:25am-8:55am/12 noon to 2pm/ or 3pm to 7pm). So I tell him I have lunch arranged for 10:30am with a friend so please show by 9:30am instead of 6:45am. I am trying to work with him while getting a bit of free time for myself too.

He shows up on Wednesday, September 6 then informs me that he wants an hour to go see his young homewrecker for “lunch” later. I let him know that well I had plans pretty much worked out for the entire day and was not planning to rush home at any point but I will try to figure it out if I can.

At 11:30 am I call him and tell him I can come home now so that he can have lunch with her before she goes to work at 2. He tells me she is off today as well, and he indicates that it might be too early for his “lunch” with her. I say okay, and I head to the gym instead.

I am planning to go visit a friend myself a little after 2 for the afternoon. So I don’t contact him again right away.

At 2:33 according to my phone stamp, he messages me about taking kids to Triple Play and wants to know what time I will return. I am an hour away by this time visiting with my friend in the country side. I answer him around 3:53pm with the information about the Bouncy places in town (Triple Play, The Bounce House, and Sky Zone). I put my phone down and don’t bother to look at it again for about an hour. When I do look I see I have missed calls and a threat from him that he plans to take the kids to Chick-fl-a to meet his girlfriend when he knows he is not allowed to take the kids around her. The divorce papers are not yet signed, and I am the custody parent with the right to say no. He left the children in my care when he willingly moved out of our family home to be with his much younger girlfriend. I say no he can’t take our children around Sarah and her best friend KKBFF because Louis himself has told me on several occasions that they smoke weed all the time at KKBFF’s house. I don’t want young 21-24 year old weed smokers around my kids who are already dealing with daddy leaving the family.

Just last week, Louis and I discussed getting our oldest into therapy and letting the therapist decide when Jasmine is ready to meet his girlfriend. I have no plans to introduce my children to strange men (and considering I can’t get any time without the kids just for me to visit actual friends of mine how the heck can I expect to even consider having time to date a man let alone form any relationship with a new man to the point that I would even consider introducing him to my kids). So Louis knows he is not supposed to introduce Sarah to the kids anytime soon. But he threatened me with taking them to meet her just to force me to return to the house on HIS time table rather than letting me have a day for me. Then he gets attitude saying I agreed to return to let him have time to go see his girlfriend.

Ummm no I said I would try to work it in but that I had already made plans for my day. He does not want to hear that obviously. When I was willing to return for an hour like he asked (from 12-1:00) he turned it down because it was too early for him and her to meet up.

He gets angry because he wants 1 hour on his day off with HER but he did not see the kids at all on Sunday which was his day off. He could have spent the entire day with her on Sunday but today which was supposed to be my day had to be interrupted on HIS time table to make me come home WHEN HE WANTS ME TO COME HOME, so he could go see HER.

Furthermore, on top of all this crap, he had the audacity to accuse me of being out at an “orgy” because I supposedly don’t know people up in Century/Jay/Brewton area. News flash to the dumb-soon-to-be-ex-husband who never paid attention to who I knew and who I was friends with because he rejected getting to know any of my friends. Yeah actually I do know folks. One of my dog show friends just recently moved to Brewton. Another Dog show friend (couple actually) has been in Jay for over a year now. Plus, I know another friend up in the Jay area not far from the Dog show couple I mentioned earlier. Additionally, I even know someone who lives over in Milton –and she has kids of her own. Furthermore, I know people here in the local Pensacola area–it just so happens I was visiting with 1 person here in Pensacola today for lunch, then went to work out, then drove an hour north to visit. Going out screwing around on his spouse is his MO considering he is the one with time to haveĀ  a girlfriend while I have to beg for time to go visit people I want to visit.

I am so sick of his BULLS#!&