Demolished Trust

This one is good! I so relate to the trust issues here. I blindly trusted my husband only to be betrayed, lied to, and broken.

My Life is a Soap Opera

I believe trust between two people is needed to feel secure and happy in a relationship. Trust creates a special kinship between those two separate people that no one else can share. To trust another is to have confidence in them regarding their choices, integrity, and character. To trust a spouse means you feel they have the ability to discern their own needs along with your best interests and needs at heart while finding a way to meet all of those needs with one another together.

When one person demolishes that trusting bond between them, how can they ever regain the others’ trust again?

Can they ever?

What does this entail?

What is needed?

When your spouse, after exposing his infidelity, deems his coworkers opinions of him in higher regard than his spouses’ opinion of him, there is a problem with trust.

When the disloyal spouse doesn’t trust his loyal…

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